Who am I and why do I do what I do?

I am a lifelong seeker of the deeper meaning. I think you might know what I mean, you probably are as well. Otherwise, you’d not be visiting the website of an intuitve medium. My interest in mysticism goes back further than my memory. I cannot remember not being fascinated by this magical, mystical world, which I am blessed to live within.

I work with Divine Love and spirit to bring a deeper understanding and clarity to your life using uniquely designed methods to address your specific needs.

As an intuitive – I am able to hear, feel, sense and directly receive messages from spirit and then easily translate them for you.

As a medium – I communicate with the deceased.

As an empath – I am able to feel what you feel as a tool to understand and clarify what is going on within you for your better understanding.

As a telepath – I am able to enter the minds of people and animals to discover what is really occurring within them. This assists you in understanding why your spouse, child, friend, boss, pet, or anyone in your life is behaving a certain way. You will also find out what they really think and feel about you. Good to know when you’re weeding out the ones who aren’t good for you!

As a channel – Spirit speaks through me directly to you and answers any questions you may have.

As an oracle card reader – I draw angelic oracle cards from a myriad of different decks and interpret their meaning, as yet another vehicle for receiving Divine Perspective.

As a clairvoyant – Spirit communicates with me through all of my physical senses, as well as extrasensory perceptions.

I absolutely love what I do. Nothing gives me greater joy. It is my passion to assist you to a better understanding of yourself, your life, and your life purpose. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to bring you messages of comfort from deceased loved ones and pets, guidance from spirit, and to uplift you into better alignment with your dreams and desires.

My work is fueled by the energy of Divine Love. I am only able to see that which will serve you (this is my agreement with source – I will NOT see when you or anyone else is going to die, impending doom, or tragedies of any sort). I read the potentials and in doing so am able to offer clear and accurate guidance on the best course of action or direction to take.

And why do I have these abilities? Because YOU matter and I am fulfilled by serving the wonderful being that is you. And the sessions are fun! And very safe. Although the information is deep and profound and sometimes life-changing – I am lighthearted, playful and an uplifter by nature.

Whether we have one or multiple sessions, I am committed to your well-being and satisfaction.