What People Say

What People are Saying

“In a word, awesome! Intuition guided me to Donna, and I’m very happy to have come across her as a person with some extraordinary gifts, strengths and skills. A bit different from the other reviewers here, my sessions have focused primarily on professional and business situations/negotiations where I sought insights into myself and the individuals and alliances present. My work focuses on infrastructure finance all around the world so often I’m presented with different cultures and business practices which can be challenging. Donna has been able to provide helpful insights into people and situations which have brought a level of… empathy and compassion, into a range of negotiations. This has really helped in often identifying the actual issues behind the formally stated positions, like pulling back a curtain. The results have been a much more collaborative business development experience with positive outcomes for both my colleagues and myself. Donna has conveyed perspectives and considerations that have helped in the successful progress of a range of negotiations. These insights are often rather specific and actionable, and importantly for me, come across as shared with a caring and joy creating intention. So yes, if your intuition has you getting as far as to read this review, follow that voice.”
— Steven T., San Francisco, CA.
“I had a session with Donna and I was given a wonderful gift. Throughout our session I was able to glean a better understanding of my sons and their behavior. Donna was amazing. After the session I used the understanding to help my 2 year old with his sleeping pattern and lessen the conflicts in our relationship. Our household is much more peaceful. Not only did my son benefit, but I had increased confidence in my abilities to trust my intuition. I really enjoyed our session and would definitely do more. I am thankful Donna is in my world.”
— Amy, Sonoma, CA.
“Donna was very sweet and supportive. She guided me through the reading with care and I felt very safe even when the information was impactful. I felt inspired and had goosebumps many times, which is how my body tells me when something is true.”
— Mariana, Argentina.
“My partner was extremely depressed, moody, negative and being very difficult and nasty to me. Donna went into his head and gave him a clearing out and a bit of a talking to. My partner who was unaware of this came home 5min after our reading/healing had finished with flowers, a positive attitude and a beaming smile on his face. He told me he loves me and was sorry. I almost fainted, the change was so dramatic. Donna is amazing.”
— Robyn, Australia.
“Another lovely and powerful confirmation: My Mom has stopped packing up, instead has residents coming to her room because it’s decorated so nicely (feels like home). I asked her about her Mom and Sister, and if they’ve “Been over”. She said only a few times. Her mind was calm and focused, and she spoke clearly about bringing her fellow residents to “Her Place”. She loves it, and it seems to be a lovely gathering place…. For the living!! You amaze me Donna!! And am feeling Joy and light, where there was little of late!! Bless you!! Thank you!!”
— Suzanne, Marin County, Ca.
“I knew Donna was the ‘real deal’, when she was helping me on some dark energy I came upon in my landlords garage. She spoke with the energy and found out it was nothing to be afraid of. It had been awakened and needed to move on. She came up to my cottage and came inside. While we were looking at some things she asked who would be whistling a certain song. It was my Mother from the other side. That was one of the songs she always whistled my whole life. Donna also picked up blocked energy in my cottage, which was true. I did need to move forward in my life, which is what I did very soon after that. Donna allows whatever to come through her, come through her with no emotional attachment. I also know if she had a certain concern she would very kindly allow that to come forth.”
— Missy, San Clemente, Ca.
“I had a ‘Life Changing’ almost 2 hours session last Thursday with Donna Haar, Spiritual Healer and Physic. She brought to me a pink glass heart and a message from my Daughter. I was able to talk to her and Terry Gray and Jesus too. I said ‘Life Changing’ Funny thing she said that Terry hasn’t gotten his Angel Wings yet because he’s being mischievous and having fun. My Daughter was in a lot of pain. She is in a New World and a New Life now and I am at so much more peace. If you are in a pickle or need to speak to a loved one, a session with Donna will be ‘Life Changing’ for you too.”

Update – this message came 4 weeks later: “Hi Donna~ I need to thank you for saving my life. Everything that had been happening to me since March 31st when I had my life saving session with you that saved my life. I need to write a new review for your page ok. I have truly been able to forgive myself for letting me get this bad For the last 5 years I have been a sad person with No Life. Now that I know Seeva is happy and free and My Terry is happy too makes all the difference in the world. Oh, I believe they have always been with me. I just always blamed myself. You freed my heart and my mind. I haven’t been this happy and positive in a long time and I thank you because if my daughter did not grab hold of you that special day I would be still so sad. Thank you. I cannot wait for my next session. I do think my lungs are Better and healing. I saw DR.Carrie yesterday and she said for the first time she heard air moving!!!! Miracle!

Everyone Needs a session with Donna ~ I guarantee your Life will Never be the same.”
— Linda Sturdivant , Inverness, Ca.

“Donna, I am feeling very blessed and so grateful to you for the reading. I feel so much calmer now. This reading answered why things in my life have gone the way they have. When Divine Mother came in to open and heal my heart and the issue came out, I can now see why I had not stepped out in a certain area of my life.

Thank you so much. I thought I had healed these issues but apparently, I still had some buried deep that still needed to see the light and be healed.

You are an angel and I cannot express how much I appreciate you! I am tearing up as I write this and I do not get emotional very often so thank you. I felt such love and healing with Divine Mother when she touched me and started working on me and the tribe of wise women really resonated with me. It was amazing! Looking forward to talking with you next time!”
— Steffany E, Utah.